Ad Formats Policies

Ad Formats Policies

1. Content restrictions for Push Notifications

All campaigns and ads must comply with the Affcore Terms and Conditions.

Additional content restrictions for Push Notifications campaigns may include but not limited to:

  • No sexual wellness products (e.g., genital enlargement products, prostate treatment drugs, male potency supplements, etc.)
  • No software or applications with automatic dialing of phone numbers and phone calling.
  • No animation
  • No “fake spin” sweepstakes

Specifications and design guidelines for Push Notifications

  • Title: 30 characters
  • Description: 40 characters
  • Icon: 192 x 192 pix
  • Image (banners): 192 x 192 pix
  • File type: jpg or png

Landing page policies

  • A push notification target URL must lead to the offer’s landing page or a LP, relevant to the items, mentioned in the notification title or description.
  • Landing pages must not be of poor quality (contain typos, misleading images, empty pages, etc.).
  • Rotation or landing pages are prohibited. All landing pages must be dedicated to the same product / offer.
  • Landing pages must not provide a negative user experience. Example: LP should have proper navigation features that lead a user to a destination that the user reasonably expects when he / she clicks the link. Browser history manipulation is prohibited.E.g., back button manipulation on the landing pages.
  • Imitation of the interfaces of the well-known sites.
  • Unsavory texts and images (depiction of death, sex, etc.) with references to celebrities are prohibited. It is prohibited to promote a product / diet on behalf of a celebrity.

Text policy

Text creatives for Push Notifications campaigns (including Titles and Descriptions) must comply with the following rules:

  • Texts must use proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Texts must not be misleading and must accurately reflect the product advertised.

The following is prohibited:

  • Scary and/or offensive messages.
  • Unacceptable: “Are you fat? Lose weight!”
  • Sexually provocative or suggestive texts. Unacceptable: “Hot girls are waiting for you!”, “Milfs want to have sex with you”, “Girls for one-night stand.”
  • The use of the words “Google”, “virus”, “malware”, “threat” and similar ones is not permitted in any context related to the risk of data loss or a security breach. Only messages that suggest to check a phone / computer / browser are permitted. Real offers to protect user privacy or security (for example: VPN services) are also permitted.Unacceptable: “Your phone might be unsafe”, “Your personal data could be stolen”, “Your phone/browser is not protected”, “Your phone/browser may not be protected”, “Phone maybe infected”, “Your personal data will be deleted”.Acceptable: “Boost your smartphone speed!”, “Protect your privacy with Free VPN”
  • Phishing and other sweepstakes scams. You can offer a chance to win something, but you can’t guarantee it.Unacceptable: “You won an iPhone”, “You won the bonus”, “Your phone has arrived”, “Press and get…”,”Your phone is booked”, “Click on the link to get…”, “Ask the questions and get…”,”Your new gadget for free”.Acceptable: “You have a chance to win an iPhone”, “You have a chance to win a prize”, “You were chosen and got the opportunity to become the owner of the new iPhone X!”.
  • Imitating system (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc.) updates/messages.Unacceptable: “It is recommended to update the system software / browser”, “It is recommended to clear the cache”, “10 updates are available to you”.
  • “Empty”, “vague”, or “meaningless” click-baiting messages, that capture the attention and are not relevant to the offer. Unacceptable: “You have one message”, “1 message for you”, “(1) Missed Message”, “From Maria: Hello, look what I found ..”
  • Violent and brutal texts and offers are prohibited.Unacceptable: “Husband stabbed his wife after he found out…”
  • The use of celebrities or politicians’ names for “fake news” promotion or negative representation of the individuals featured.Unacceptable: “Breaking: {Name Surname} is dead!”
  • The use of celebrities or politicians’ names to promote a product / diet on behalf of a celebrity without documented permission from the individuals featured.Unacceptable: “Secret diet of {Name Surname} is revealed!”

Images policy

Image creatives (including Icons and Banner images) must comply with the following rules:

  • All images must be relevant to the content promoted.
  • All images must not be of poor quality or very low resolution.

The following is prohibited:

  • Images with full or partial nudity (e.g., bare chest), sex toys.
  • Images of sexual intercourse, genitals, masturbation, sex toys, etc.
  • Sexually provocative or suggestive images.
  • Scary and/or offensive messages.
  • Any kind of nudity, including the images of people wearing swimsuits, bikinis, and underwear are not permitted.
  • The use of celebrities or politicians’ pictures to promote a product / diet on behalf of a celebrity without documented permission from the individuals featured.

Usage of branding logos

  • Use of a brand logo is prohibited if the campaign doesn’t promote this brand (e.g, eCommerce-related brand products or offers).
  • Pictorial and textual references to a brand are permitted if there are no statements that promotions are granted on behalf of this brand.
  • Use of a brand logo is permitted if this logo is placed on the promoted product.

Please note: all push notification creatives for mobile and desktop devices must comply with the policies above. These guidelines are not exhaustive ; the ads might be rejected, if we believe they cause harm to our publishers or users, even if the campaign creatives comply with the guidelines stated above.