Advertiser’s Supplement

Advertiser’s Supplement
Updated October 10, 2018

This Advertiser’s Supplement (this “Supplement”) supplements the Terms of Use (the “Terms”) of Plus Media LLC., a company established in United States (“Affcore”, “we,” “us” or “our”), pursuant to which you may use our services including through and in relation to the website (the “Service”). All terms not defined herein have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms.

1. Applicability

The terms of this Supplement shall apply to you if you engage the advertising space buying services on the Service (the “Advertiser’s Program”). By engaging in the Advertiser’s Program, you agree to be bound by this Supplement in addition to all the provisions of the Terms.

2. Participation Conditions

In addition to the Participation Conditions in the Terms, You, Your Properties and Advertisements must satisfy all of the following conditions in order to qualify for participation and continued inclusion in the Advertiser’s Program:

  • Your Properties and Advertisements may not redirect traffic in any way, including language, country or browser redirecting.
  • Your Properties and Advertisements may not auto-bookmark, auto-refresh, auto-focus, or change a user’s homepage.
  • Your Properties may not contain significant content hosted on free file-sharing websites.

Affcore may at any time, in its sole discretion, immediately terminate or cancel any Ad(s). Affcore will make commercially reasonable efforts to notify you via e-mail of any such termination or cancellation within 24 hours.

You may cancel any Ads with or without cause at any time by deactivating a campaign by contacting Affcore manager or by yourself (in case of using Self-Service Platform). Campaign should be deactivated during 24 hours since the time the request had been sent.

Blacklisting and whitelisting rules.

  • If you add source ID in a blacklist, the source will be removed from your campaign in the event of this source ID is validly existing in Affcore system;
  • If you add source ID in a whitelist, the source will be linked to your campaign in all the cases except following:
    • This source ID hasn’t been active for a significant period of time and recognized as not in use anymore;
    • You’ve already added this source ID in a blacklist;
    • Your campaign’ settings are inconsistent with the source’s requirements to the campaigns linked.

Possible statistics discrepancy between the data at Affcore account and third party tracking system used by applicant/webmaster/publisher/advertiser up to 20% is admissible. In case of such discrepancy you have no financial and other claims to Affcore. By accepting these terms of the Supplement, Advertiser acknowledges himself as a data controller – the natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data of his site(s) visitors. Affcore performs as a data processor, processing data on behalf of Publisher to Advertiser.


3. Advertisements and Measurements

We do not guarantee, represent or warrant to direct any volume or quality of traffic to Your Properties or impressions of Advertisements. We will use commercially accepted methods and practices to place Advertisement in accordance with your campaign specifications and publisher availability. However, we do not represent or warrant that the placement of Advertisements will result in any particular actions or transactions (including impressions, sales or sign-ups). We will use our own commercially accepted methods and practices to measure the placement of your Advertisements under your order and, in our discretion, the amount of impressions resulting from Advertisements. We are under no obligation to use any other methods or practices (including client-side software, third party counters or trade scripts) to measure the placement of Advertisements or the amount and quality of impressions resulting from Advertisements. All measurements provided by us are final. If you dispute any measure provided by us, your sole remedy is to cancel your order, request a refund and cease using the Service.

We will take commercially reasonable steps to provide you with online access to reports that track and review metrics relating to your campaigns. Such reports will be available to you on the Service. Such reports will be updated on a regular basis but we do not represent or warrant that they will always be in “real-time”. We reserve the right to recalculate metrics based on a number of factors, including the discovery of fraudulent activity or technical errors. The form, content and frequency of updates of such reports are subject to change at our discretion.

When you create a campaign, we will use our Service to help fulfill that campaign using commercially reasonable efforts. However, you understand and agree that the exact fulfillment of your campaign may not be technically or commercially feasible or possible. Fulfillment of your campaign depends on many factors, including the targets and requirements set by you in your campaign and publishers who are willing and amble to participate in your campaign. However, you understand and agree that you are responsible for paying any and all fees that correlate to any portion of your campaign that is actually fulfilled or for the costs of your advertisements being published.


In the event of non-compliance of Affcore Terms and Conditions (e.g. sending Affcore’ traffic to malicious websites, redirecting Affcore’ traffic to the sites unapproved by Affcore manager, running forbidden types of offers at Affcore Network (parent window opener, paypercall, techsupport, advertising with sound, js exits, auto-downloads, malware, viruses, FBI warning, lockers and fake viruses alerts), your account is to be banned without a chance of refunding the rest of assets on your account in Affcore.

4. Creating an Advertising Campaign

In order to create an advertisement campaign, you must create an advertisements campaign through the administrative panel on the Service and provide all of the requested information. We reserve the right to approve or deny your campaign for any or no reason at any time.

Payment for your advertising campaign may be processed by any of the methods available in your Personal Account on the Service that you may choose. The cost of your campaign will be based on the particulars of your campaign and you will be charged for your campaign throughout the duration of your campaign as it is fulfilled. Costs are subject to change and may vary based on various conditions, including special and limited promotional offers, changing markets and the availability and desiarability of publishers. Posted costs exclude taxes.

You can add funds to your account using various payment services available in your Affcore account. Affcore reserves the right to reject a financial operation or change the list of available payment options.

In case of working on CPM, CPC or RTB basis you acknowledge that the payment obligation hereunder is based solely on the number of clicks/views and not on your ability to convert clicks/views to sales or any other criteria. Above mentioned is not applicable for advertiser working on CPA, CPI or CPL.

You are solely responsible for keeping the payment information current.


All accounts are set to be on prepaid basis by default. While being on prepay you must complete the payment in full before receiving any services at Affcore. You shall pay all charges in U.S. Dollars or in Euro, according to the Invoice currency and the chosen payment method which was selected by you at your Affcore account. The Invoice is automatically generated by the system based on the payment information you have provided in your account upon registration. The invoice is generated either by Personal Manager or by Advertiser himself on the FUNDS page of Affcore account. Advertiser chooses payment method available, sets the required amount to be paid, and clicks PAY to generate the invoice which is displayed in the table on FUNDS page as well as sent to Advertisers email. If an Advertiser is ready to make the payment, he/she is forwarded to the chosen payment system site to conclude the payment process. All invoices (paid and unpaid) are displayed in the table on FUNDS page. Minimum required deposit to join the system is $300. The Invoice must be paid within 15 calendar days after it is issued.

  • CPM:Advertisers account is charged according to the traffic counted by 1000 views (per Mile) and preset campaign measurements and rates approved by personal manager.
  • CPA:Advertisers account is charged according to the traffic ability to convert clicks/views to sales or any other criteria based on the action provided by CPA, CPI, CPL methods chosen by the Advertiser as well as preset campaign measurements and rates approved by personal manager.
  • RTB/XML:Advertisers account is charged based on the bid amount made in real time auction in the system. Advertiser agrees to use system statistics after the testing period is complete and the optimal statistics variables are no more than 5-10%. Advertiser agrees to refrain from trying to crack any of RTB SYSTEM’s software or data or to decompile the RTB SYSTEM software source codes used in the Services with the intention to install it on his/her PC, phone, pocket PC or other electronic device. Further payment terms apply as it is stated above.


The option of postpay is available only per individual agreement between Affcore and Advertiser in certain circumstances and discussed with Affcore manager prior to beginning the use of the services. The payment in this case should be made between NET15 to NET90 stated in the Invoice. If the post payment term is not discussed or stated in the Invoice, it is set to be at NET30 by default. A set credit limit is discussed and provided to each Advertiser individually. The credited sum is displayed in red in Affcore account of each Advertiser. Invoice is generated based on agreed NET payment of the debt and provided by your Personal Manager in your Affcore account on the FUNDS page, via Skype/email OR can be also generated by the Advertiser.

  • CPAAdvertiser is billed according to the traffic ability to convert clicks/views to sales or any other criteria based on the action provided by CPA, CPI, CPL methods chosen by the Advertiser and rates approved by personal manager.
  • CPMAdvertiser is billed according to the traffic counted by 1000 views (per Mile) as well as agreed rates.
  • RTB/XMLAdvertiser is billed for the amount credited during last month according to bids made in real time auction and under the NET30 postpay, unless there is a special agreement signed between both parties. The invoice is issued in the FUNDS page by Advertiser or by Personal Manager and based on the credited sum indicated in the personal account.

All credited sums should be paid according to the payment terms which are set individually with each Advertiser. If the Invoice is not paid after the due date (or after the defined NET period), the service has the right to recover owed amount through legal authorities as it is stated in clause 16 of the Terms and Conditions.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions may obligate Affcore to do credit to any party. You acknowledge and agree that any credit card and related billing and payment information provided to Affcore may be shared with companies who work on Affcore’ behalf, such as payment processors and/or credit agencies, solely for the purposes of checking credit, effecting payment to Affcore and servicing your account.

If there is no individual contract signed by Advertiser and Affcore, this supplement acts as a silent contract by default.

European Union based companies must provide their VAT number. Should these companies have a VAT number, the 20% of the sum will be deducted from every deposit.

In certain cases we reserve the right to invoice or charge you for any amounts after the fulfillment of all or part of your campaign where the funds are not present in your account. In such cases you must promptly pay in accordance with the terms of the invoice or charge. All unpaid amounts are subject to 18% interest per annum.

All the fees charged by third party institutions and payment services providers are in your zone of liability.

5. Fraudulent Payments

You agree not to report as fraudulent, lost or stolen any charge or form of payment which you have used in conjunction with payment to us, for which you do not have a good faith reason to believe is in fact fraudulent, lost or stolen. You agree not to report as unauthorized any charge by us for any transaction for which you do not have a good faith reason to believe is in fact unauthorized. You agree that, absent good faith, in the event of any such report you shall be liable to us for such charge or obligation plus an additional $100 administrative fee. The liability specified in this paragraph will not limit our rights or any other liability you may have for any other reason, including a breach of any other provision the Terms (including the Transaction Supplements).

You must promptly inform us of any changes in the following: (a) the expiration date of any method of payment, (b) changes in home or billing addresses, and (c) apparent breaches of security, including the loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure or use of your payment method, ID or password. If there is any such breach of security, you agree that you shall be liable for any unauthorized use of the Service resulting from such breach. Upon your request, you will be given access to billing records that support charges resulting from your use of the Service.


You agree to go through all the steps of verification process set by Affcore to get a permit on credit card payments. You warrant and represent that all payment information provided to Affcore will be accurate and complete, and up to date. In case of LOST OR STOLEN CARD/FRAUDULENT USE OF CARD you must promptly inform Affcore. If there is a chargeback for any reason, Affcore reserves the right, in its sole discretion, with or without notice, to either suspend or terminate your account with Affcore platform. Nothing stated herein shall limit rights granted to a cardholder by Visa, MasterCard and/or its issuing bank.

6. Refunds

If you won’t be satisfied with the traffic provided by Affcore, Affcore guarantees to refund the rest of assets on your account in system. You make no claim as to refund of the assets spent during the advertisement campaign. In case you’d like to receive a refund of assets already spent because of any traffic quality complaints, you have to provide Affcore with a clear evidence of low traffic quality received for requested period (detailed logs, user agents etc.)

Within three (3) months of payment by you, we may, upon your request and in our discretion, issue a refund to you for funds remaining in your account that are not subject to an outstanding amount on any campaign, less any costs in issuing and processing the refund as long as you have remained in compliance with the Terms, including the Transaction Supplements. You will not be refunded for any taxes paid by you. We will only issue your refund in the same method of payment through with the order was made (subject to that payment method’s processing fees). We will only issue your refund if the refund amount is greater than US $50. You will not receive any refunds for amounts gained from bonus-codes, promotional codes or any other funds for which you did not make direct payment. Refunds shall be further subject to the terms and conditions regarding payouts found in the Seller’s Supplement.

First test deposit is non refundable. Except cases when it wasn’t used at all. Bonuses from promotions can’t be subject of refund as well.

If funds remain unclaimed in your Account for more than three (3) months after your last payment to us, you are entitled to a refund and a processing fee of 10% will be deducted from such refund.

Refund will only be issued for a balance of more than $300 US Dollars and a processing fee of 5% will be deducted from such refund.

Refund will only be issued for a balance of less than $300 US Dollars and a processing fee of 10% will be deducted from such refund.

If you are deemed to have breached the Terms, you are not entitled to any refunds.

The service doesn’t proceed money back operations in cases when user breached network’s rules, terms and conditions.

The refund request will be processed within 5 business days from the date the request was received.

Please contact your personal manager for more information.


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