Publisher’s Supplement

Publisher’s Supplement
Updated October 16, 2017

This Publisher’s Supplement (this “Supplement”) supplements the Terms of Use (the “Terms”) of PlusMedia LLC., a company registered in USA (“we,” “us” or “our”), pursuant to which you may use our services including through and in relation to the website (the “Service”). All terms not defined herein have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms.

1. Applicability

The terms of this Supplement shall apply to you if you engage the advertising space selling services on the Service (the “Publisher’s Program”). By engaging in the Publisher’s Program, you agree to be bound by this Supplement in addition to all the provisions of the Terms.

2. Participation Conditions

In addition to the Participation Conditions in the Terms, You and Your Properties must satisfy all of the following conditions in order to qualify for participation and continued inclusion in the Publisher’s Program:

  • Your Property may not auto-bookmark, auto-refresh, auto-focus, or change a user’s homepage.
  • You may not serve any “404” impressions or impressions served through pop-ups or pop-unders.
  • You may not serve any impressions sent through fake video players.
  • You may not serve any impressions using i-frames.
  • You may not use any method to artificially or fraudulently inflate the volume of impressions you serve or traffic you send. Such prohibited methods include: framing a banner’s click-through destination, auto-spawning browsers, running spiders against Your Properties, automatically redirecting users, bots and any other technique or software which may generate automatic or fraudulent impressions.
  • You may not require your users to view advertisements prior to the user using Your Property.
  • You may not provide incentives of any nature to encourage or requires users to view advertisements or to click through advertisements.
  • You may not use any fraudulent or misleading methods to prompt your users into viewing advertisements or performing an action to create click-throughs.
  • All traffic must come from legal sources; Your Property may not operate in violation of any applicable law (whether applicable to us, you, or any other relevant party).

You agree that you will not use the advertisements or the advertiser’s proprietary marks in any manner that disparages the advertiser or its products or services, or portrays the advertiser or its products or services in a false, competitively adverse or poor light. You will not serve advertisements in any manner that may cause confusion or mistake.

You will comply with our and the advertiser’s reasonable requests as to the use of advertisements and the advertiser’s proprietary marks and will avoid any action that diminishes the value of such marks.

Any unauthorized use of any party’s marks (including our marks or an advertiser’s marks) is strictly prohibited.


You acknowledge that we may in our sole discretion cease your service of advertisements if we determine that the quality of your impressions is insufficient or fraudulent for any reason (including, without limitation, technical reasons and for violation of the Participation Conditions).

3. Measuring Impressions

We will use our own commercially accepted methods and practices to measure impressions of advertisements you serve and the amount and quality of the impressions. We are under no obligation to use any other methods or practices (including client-side software, third party counters or trade scripts) to make these measurements. All measurements provided by us are final. If you dispute any measurement provided by us, your sole remedy is to cease selling advertising space through the Service and submit a payout request.

You acknowledge and agree that we will not attribute to you impressions which we cannot with reasonable certainty determine that you sent. Examples of such situations include when you fail to properly use a Publishing Method (defined below) or when a user’s browser settings prohibit our ability to properly measure or track impressions.

We will take commercially reasonable steps to provide you with online access to reports that track and review measurements related to your use of the Service. Such reports will be available to you on the Service. Such reports will be updated on a regular basis but we do not represent or warrant that they will always be in “real-time.” We reserve the right to recalculate impressions based on a number of factors, including the discovery of fraud or technical errors. The form, content and frequency of updates of such reports are subject to change at our discretion.

4. Publishing

If you and Your Property have been accepted into Publisher’s Program, you may begin publishing advertisements from the Service on Your Properties by using one or more of the publication technologies and methods made available and described on the Service. You acknowledge and understand that we are under no obligation to count impressions you serve or publications you make if you fail to properly use the publication technologies and methods made available and described on the Service. You acknowledge and agree that it is your sole responsibility to appropriately implement said technologies and methods of publication.

You will accumulate payments to your Account based on various factors related to the publication of advertisements on Your Properties (“Payments”). The amounts of Payments will be based on our measurements and the factors set forth on the Service, as they may be updated and modified from time to time in our discretion. Rates are subject to change and may vary due to various reasons, including special and limited promotional offers and market factors. Your Payments will accrue to your Account regularly, but not necessarily in real-time.

5. Payments

In addition to scheduled payouts, which we will make in accordance with our policies, which may change from time to time in our discretion, you may submit a payout request of your Payments as long as your Payments total at least $50 US (the “Payment Floor,” which may change from time to time in our discretion). We will take commercially reasonable means to process your payout request within a commercially reasonable time and in accordance with our procedures as they may be amended from time to time.

If you have not earned or accrued any Payment totaling an amount above the Payment Floor in any six month period, or if your use of the Service is terminated, we may charge you a maintenance fee in an amount up to the Payment Floor for every six month period. The maintenance fee may be deducted and offset against any unpaid Payments.

We may, in our sole discretion, refuse to process a payout request or place a payment hold on any part of all of your Payments for any reason, including if we have a reasonable suspicion that you have breached the Terms, including any of the Participation Conditions. You may dispute a payment hold by notifying us.

If a Payment is paid to you and we subsequently determine that some or all of the impressions you sent the Service to earn that Payment was sent in breach of the Terms, including any of the Participation Conditions, we may set-off the amount of the Payment accrued in breach, plus any related fees, from any Payments remaining in your Account and/or subsequent Payments earned. If there are no remaining Payments in your Account or no subsequent Payments earned, we shall send you an invoice for the set-off amount and you shall pay such invoice no later than thirty (30) after the invoice date.

6. Taxes

Upon creation of your Account or prior to processing of a payout, we may require you to complete certain tax documents. We may withhold all Payments accrued to your Account until such time as you submit these documents to us. If you fail to submit these documents to us within sixty (60) days of receipt of these documents, we may suspend your Account until such time as you submit the documents; alternatively, we may terminate your use of the Service and any Payments you have accrued will be forfeited.

We assume no responsibility for paying any taxes, banking commissions or currency fees on your behalf. You agree and acknowledge that you assume complete and sole responsibility for any taxes, banking commissions or currency fees owed as a consequence of your participation in the Service.

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